What are Intensive In-home Services?

Intensive in-home services consist of home-based and family-centered counseling for children/adolescents who are at risk of out-of-home placement due to their behaviors.

Services are intense and are provided from 3 to 10 hours per week to the child and family in their homes, schools, and sometimes at Middle Peninsula-Northern Neck Community Services Board (MPNNCSB) outpatient clinics or agencies in the community where the child and family are involved.

The child's residence, as the setting for the services, is more likely to be successful than a clinical setting.

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1. What are Intensive In-home Services?
2. Who is eligible for the services?
3. Who pays for the services?
4. Our child has been hospitalized many times when he becomes a danger to himself or others. How do intensive in-home services address that situation?
5. Why should the family manage a psychiatric emergency when the child's behavior can be managed more safely in a hospital?
6. May parents request intensive in-home services?
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