What is the Home Visit Program?

The comprehensive home visits include parenting education and support for eligible prenatal families.

Family Support Worker

A family support worker assists parents with the increasing challenges that their new baby may bring. Families engage in a variety of activities during visits to develop their range of parenting skills. This program continues until the child enters their local Kindergarten program.

Parents may also learn how to manage their household, solve specific problems, and deal with unexpected situations. The family can increase their knowledge of child development and positive parent-child interactions. Parents receive guidance in developing the ability to access and utilize community resources based on individual needs. The family support worker encourages positive health behaviors during pregnancy to promote and advocate a healthy child.

Literacy Activities

To build a child's library and story time at home, each child receives a new age-appropriate book every three months. The goal is to place 30 books in the home of every child in the program. Literacy activities are shared during the home visits with the child and modeled for parents. Families are frequently transported to a "storytime" at their local library and personally contacted about attending special events to promote literacy.

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