What do parents and families have to say about RISP services?

Statistics are important, but they do not tell the whole story. They cannot measure the impact of a young child achieving a goal that his or her family did not even dare to dream would be possible: a toddler with cerebral palsy taking her first steps, a child with hearing impairment using sign language for the first time, or the smile of a baby who is blind when he recognizes his grandmother's face by touch. In addition to identifying specific goals for each child and measuring progress toward those goals, RISP continues to measure parent satisfaction with program components. 

Here is the impact that some families have told us about:

  • "Our service coordinator was superb! She always took time to hear our concerns and sent us articles that would be helpful. She turned out to be a great friend and a valuable source of information."
  • "We were given lots of helpful information each week. We are very grateful!"
  • "With [my son's] hypertonia I thought my goals for him would be difficult to achieve, but everyone was and still is optimistic, and he has come a long way. He's moving his head a lot with a lot of control, he's playing with toys, he recognizes his sister, myself, and his dad. He loves to laugh. He's responding really well. He also knows when someone's coming to see him and I believe he loves them too."
  • "RISP was wonderful in helping my grandson with his speech - [service coordinator] did a great job! She helped us through everything one needed. I am very pleased with all your staff. We were given all services needed and the workers were fantastic!"
  • "I wanted to mention the extras that they do. My two girls are never left out when they come. Someone always has a toy or something for them to play with. And they include them in [my son's] therapy and always have a kind word for my kids, and I love the way they include them. But not only are they kind to my kids but to me as well, they are always asking me how I'm doing, if I'm taking care of myself and all, and it makes me feel special. When they show me a certain exercise to do with [my son] and I get it right, I feel so proud."
  • "Having the visits at home let our daughter be more comfortable so she could participate fully in the therapy."
  • "I was very scared when RISP first came to my home. Not only was my daughter my first child but she was severely handicapped. RISP helped me through my fears. RISP was very helpful finding the most appropriate equipment for my child when needed. Also with respite care they were very helpful, finding individuals who were interested in helping our family."
  • "They helped me understand my child's conditions and helped me to take care of him better with a better understanding."
  • "The staff always showed me what stretches, sounds, and activities would benefit my child most. They even helped suggest toys that would help him and make the exercises and different tasks easier. I participated in all of the home visits conducted by the RISP staff and I learned a lot from them."
  • "My son loved working with [speech therapist and infant educator]. He finally learned to talk and now he talks about everything. As far as I'm concerned, they worked miracles!"

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9. What do parents and families have to say about RISP services?