What services are offered as part of SFM?

Mentors work with the family and therapist to:

  • Engage the child in recreational and social activities, promoting social activities, while discussing effective handling of peer interactions and decision making in problems they are experiencing
  • Facilitate participation in appropriate social activities and connection to positive peer group
  • Monitor family progress and communicate observations of progress, strengths, and barriers to goal achievement to therapist
  • Reinforce and reward the child/adolescent and family efforts and progress toward change in appropriate ways
  • Schedule outings strategically to allow parent(s) or guardian(s) time alone to address their own therapeutic tasks.
  • Support family efforts to complete assigned therapeutic tasks (such as homework) and in using strategies developed in collaboration with their therapist
  • Identify sustainable resources in the family/community to support healthy functioning and the achievement of treatment goals

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4. What services are offered as part of SFM?
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