How Does Strategic Family Mentoring Work?

Strategic Family Mentoring (SFM) works in conjunction with other Middle Peninsula-Northern Neck Community Services Board (MPNNCSB) services, such as outpatient, intensive outpatient, and intensive in-home therapy, to promote the achievement of treatment goals. For example, mentors can be extremely effective as positive role models to help the single parent family.

About the Mentors

Mentors are individuals who are selected and hired by the MPNNCSB as part-time employees who collaborate with the therapist to assist and support the family as they work on achieving their goals.

Contact Us

For more information contact Scott Britton, Mental Health Care Coordinator, at 804-758-4035.

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1. How Does Strategic Family Mentoring Work?
2. How do mentors and therapists work together in providing treatment to my child?
3. Who is eligible to receive SFM?
4. What services are offered as part of SFM?
5. Who pays for SFM services?
6. How do I access these services?