Advance Directives

MPNNCSB’s Peer Recovery Services has more than five peers certified as Advance Directive Facilitators available to work in the community to assist people with completing an Advance Directive (AD). An accident or illness can make you unable to make decisions about your own health care at any time.

An advance directive lets you give directions about your care and select a trusted decision-maker ahead of time so that your health care providers will know and honor your wishes if you become too ill to decide for yourself.

Advance Directive Benefits

With an advance directive, you can:

  • Appoint an “agent” who can make health care decisions for you, OR
    • State your preferences and give specific instructions about what health care you want and what health care you do not want
    • Do both - appoint an agent and give instructions about your care

Free Services

By having an agent, and/or giving advance instructions about your care, you can better ensure that the care you receive will be the care you want, even when you’re unable to make informed decisions about your care.

MPNNCSB’s Peer Recovery Services AD Facilitators provide these services at no cost to you, and can work with you in a mutually selected location and flexible schedule.