Supported Employment Services

The Peer Recovery Services Supported Employment (SE) program is a peer-run program. We currently provide employment for over 60 individuals. CoOP’s Supported Employment program provides people who were previously un- or under-employed with meaningful jobs at competitive pay rates, in a supportive environment that allows them to work on the hurdles that previously impeded their employment opportunities.

Peer Recovery Services are individualized, taking into account personal preferences, strengths, and experiences in order to help consumers obtain work in the community.

Employment Readiness Education

As part of our program, we provide Employment Readiness Education both in group and one-on-one settings. All consumers who want to work are eligible to participate in our program. Ongoing services are offered at 84 Main in Warsaw, the Mental Health/Substance Abuse Administrative Office in Saluda and at the Welcome Center in the Gloucester Counseling Service.

Program Expansion

Given the success of our original program and the continued need for employment, Peer Recovery Services is actively expanding our program to include volunteering and supportive community employment. Supported Employment staff help consumers obtain competitive jobs or find an area to offer their services as a volunteer.

Volunteering is a surprisingly beneficial starting point for transition into paid employment. It helps build experience, develop new skills, provide a network for job seekers and serve as a first step to community inclusion. Supported Employment is a strength-based and evidence-based program.