Services for Individuals with Opioid Addiction

At MPNN CSB, we're dedicated to providing compassionate care to individuals with substance use challenges and opioid addiction. We understand that these individuals form a priority population in need of urgent support. That's why we've committed to offering them an appointment within 48 hours of their request for services.

Our approach is rooted in the belief that recovery is possible. We start by conducting a thorough American Society of Addiction Medicine assessment, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the individual's unique needs and circumstances. This assessment serves as the foundation for a personalized treatment plan that guides our support.

Key Highlights of Our Program:

  • Priority Population Focus: We prioritize individuals struggling with substance use and opioid addiction, recognizing the urgency of their needs.
  • Swift Appointments: We aim to provide an appointment within 48 hours of the service request, ensuring that help is available when it's needed the most.
  • Holistic Assessment: Our team conducts a thorough American Society of Addiction Medicine assessment, enabling us to tailor our support to the individual's specific situation.
  • Customized Referrals: Based on the assessment, we make appropriate referrals for services that align with the individual's recovery goals.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT): For those who request it, we facilitate referrals to Medication-Assisted Treatment providers, recognizing the effectiveness of MAT in addiction treatment.

At MPNN CSB, we believe in the power of recovery and the potential for individuals to overcome the challenges of substance use and opioid addiction. Our program is designed to provide not only rapid assistance but also individualized care to support each person on their unique journey to wellness.

  1. Gloucester Counseling Center

    Physical Address
    9228 George Washington Memorial Hwy
    Gloucester, VA 23061

    Phone: 804-693-5057 or 800-639-9668
    Fax: 804-693-7407

  2. Essex Counseling Center

    Physical Address
    330 Hospital Road
    Tappahannock, VA 22560

    Phone: 804-333-3671 or 800-639-9882
    Fax: 804-333-3657