Services for Pregnant Women

At MPNN CSB, we recognize that women's patterns of substance use, the medical and social consequences they experience, and the factors that contribute to their substance use can be unique and distinct from those of men. To address these specific needs, we are proud to offer Gender-Specific Treatment at the Essex and Gloucester Counseling Centers.

Key Highlights of Our Specialized Substance Use Services for Women Program:

  1. Pregnant Women's Priority: We understand the added complexity and urgency for pregnant women who are dealing with substance use. As part of our commitment to their well-being, pregnant women are given preference in admission to treatment.
  2. Timely Support: Each pregnant woman seeking help is offered treatment within 48 hours of their request for services, ensuring swift access to care.
  3. Holistic Assessment: In addition to addressing substance use concerns, we also assess each pregnant woman for the need for prenatal care beyond what they are receiving at the time of admission.
  4. Referral to South Eastern Family Project: Pregnant women are informed about and, as necessary, referred to the South Eastern Family Project. This residential treatment facility is designed to provide comprehensive support for pregnant and parenting women with substance use disorders. The program offers a nurturing and therapeutic environment for women on their journey to recovery, with a particular focus on the unique needs of pregnant individuals.

At MPNN CSB, we are committed to the well-being and recovery of women facing substance use challenges. Our Gender-Specific Treatment and the Specialized Substance Use Services for Women Program are designed to provide not only compassionate care but also the specialized support women need to regain control of their lives and their health.

  1. Gloucester Counseling Center

    Physical Address
    9228 George Washington Memorial Hwy
    Gloucester, VA 23061

    Phone: 804-693-5057 or 800-639-9668
    Fax: 804-693-7407

  2. Essex Counseling Center

    Physical Address
    330 Hospital Road
    Tappahannock, VA 22560

    Phone: 804-333-3671 or 800-639-9882
    Fax: 804-333-3657