Family Wellness Programs

Our Family Wellness Programs feature highly interactive and informative classes that help parents become nurturing and effective parents.
Our flagship family wellness programs are the evidence-based Nurturing Parenting Programs. In addition to having highly trained Nurturing Parenting Program Facilitators, we are able to provide Nurturing Parenting Facilitator Trainings to people interested in becoming Nurturing Parenting Facilitators. We have a National Trainer and Consultant in the Nurturing Parenting Programs on staff who can provide the three-day training for your organization. There is a fee for this training. Please call us for more information.

Nurturing Parenting Program-Parenting Education Classes

Ongoing / Open All Year

You can register immediately - No wait required.

The 15-week On Going Nurturing Parenting Program-Parent Education Class takes place year round and parents can enroll in the classes at any time. Group sessions help families communicate more effectively and establish a nurturing way of life. The program stresses the importance of empathy, self-awareness, managing stress and anger, nurturing and effective discipline, bonding and attachment, and appropriate developmental expectations.

Pre-registration is required.

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In-Home Parenting Nurturing Parenting Classes

This is a 10-week Home-Based Nurturing Parenting Program-Parent Education Class designed to meet the individual needs of parents in the comfort of their homes. Each session is designed to help families learn effective skills that promote a nurturing and productive family life. The program is offered by referral only.

Children First Parenting Program

The Children First Program is designed for families who are experiencing times of transition through separation and divorce. It is a Co-Parenting education program for divorced or separated spouses, and single parents. This class assists families in minimizing parental conflict and maximizing positive child adjustment to stressful life transitions.

This research-based 4-Hour parenting program is offered on a monthly basis and meets the requirement for the court referred Co-Parenting class. Children First assists parents in learning how to put their children’s need first while navigating the challenging waters of separation and divorce. Pre-registration is required. The fee for this class is $50. For more information about our programs, trainings and classes or if you would like to register, please call 804-642-5402 or 1-888-773-8550 (PREV-550).

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