Youth & Family Services


To provide trauma informed, family focused treatment for youth who are experiencing serious emotional disturbances, severe behavioral disorders, and substance use problems.


Youth Outpatient Counseling  provide family focused, strength-based therapy for those needing more intensive treatment than outpatient services can provide. 

  • Susan Horne, LPC
    School Based/ Youth Outpatient Services Coordinator                          

Intensive In-Home Services provide family therapy for children who are at risk of out of home placement related to problems within the home, school, or community.  

  • Karen Grabowski, LPC
    Intensive In-Home Coordinator

Intensive Care Coordination provides collaborative team building services for children who are at risk for entering or who are in residential care (or other out of home placement) with the goal of building community supports to enable them to be in the home and community. 

  • Karen Grabowski, LPC
    Intensive In-Home Coordinator

Case Management provides services to children with serious emotional disturbance (and their families) who need multiple services requiring referral and coordination among several providers. 

  • Kay Harrison
    Youth Case Management Coordinator                 

Crisis Stabilization Services provide in home supportive services to children and their families who experience acute psychiatric crisis. These services offer an alternative to hospitalization. 

  • Pamela Minor, LPC, SCPE
    Youth Mobile Crisis, YFS