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Strategic Family Mentoring

  Therapeutic mentors are positive role models who support, encourage, and coach youths in interpersonal communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, age-appropriate behavior, and appropriate ways to interact with other children and adolescents. Strategic family mentoring may also help adults through recreational and social activities. These one-to-one services help to meet the goals of an Individual Service Plan (ISP) for youth (under age 18), in conjunction with an outpatient or in-home therapy provider and the family and individual therapist.

Strategic family mentoring services are for those who:
  • Have significant emotional and behavioral problems
Specific Services:
  • Establish strategic mentoring goals and ISP. Maintain close and ongoing collaboration and communication with the youth's therapist, psychiatrist, case manager, and treatment team regarding mentoring activities and other observations and activities.
  • Match mentors with youth based on his/her needs and desired outcomes. Mentors facilitate activities that are consistent with treatment plans, such as community recreation and positive social gatherings.
  • Document progress toward meeting identified goal(s) and regularly report to the youth's therapist.
Referrals and Funding:
Therapists and professionals at agencies in the community (court services, school or departments of social service) make referrals to the Family Assessment and Planning Teams (FAPT).

The county FAPT and the Community Policy and Management Team (CPMT) approve Comprehensive Services Act (CSA) funding for this service.

For More Information
Scott Britton, BA, QMHP, Coordinator, Intensive In-home and Outpatient Services
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