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COPE Crisis Hotline: 1-800-542-2673

Intensive In-home Services

  Intensive in-home services consist of family-focused, strength-based family therapy in the home and community for children/adolescents with serious emotional disturbances, several behavioral disorders, or substance abuse problems and their families. A therapist works closely with all involved systems (social services, schools, court services, health care providers, etc.) to provide the appropriate assistance.

Intensive in-home services are for those who:
  • Meet the criteria for serious emotional disturbance; or
  • Are at risk of out-of-home or out-of-community placement; or
  • Require more intensive therapy than outpatient therapy can provide; or
  • Are transitioning back to the home (biological or foster) from an out-of-home placement
Specific Services:
  • Conduct comprehensive child and adolescent psychological and family/social history evaluation of treatment needs (5-10 hours).
  • Administer weekly individual and family therapy with 24/7 crisis intervention provided as needed (5-10 hours).
Referrals and Funding:
Referrals may come from the current outpatient therapist, school system, court services, or county Family Assessment and Planning (FAP) Team.

Medicaid, Comprehensive Services Act (CSA) funding or special grants cover intensive in-home services.

For More Information
Toni Vitale, LCSW, Coordinator, Intensive In-home Services
    129 Bowden Street
    Saluda, VA 23149