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COPE Crisis Hotline: 1-800-542-2673



Over 30 years of services to promote the well being of individuals, families, and communities


The Middle Peninsula-Northern Neck Community Services Board (MPNNCSB) provides the following services to improve lives and address challenges related to mental health, intellectual disabilities, substance use, and developmental delays.

Prevention, Education, Training, and Consulting

Our family education and youth programs promote skills that can lead to successful and peaceful lives. Programs are available to schools, community organizations, and human services agencies.

Early Intervention

We help young children with developmental delays, as well as those at risk, to reach their full potential through a wide range of services. These services include pediatric therapies, infant education, home visits, family support, service coordination, and community consultation. We offer additional services to assist pregnant women at risk and their preschool children.


The MPNNCSB offers counseling to help those with challenges related to mental health, intellectual disabilities, and substance use. Professional counselors provide individual, group, and family therapy.

Case Management

Our comprehensive case management program links individuals with needed resources and services to assist with challenges related to mental health, intellectual disabilities, and substance use.

Residential Support

Our residential support programs for those with mental illness and intellectual disabilities include group homes, apartments, and linkages with other housing options.

Vocational and Day Support

Vocational and day support services help those with emotional and intellectual disabilities to make their own valuable contributions to the community. The MPNNCSB trains and places these individuals in their own jobs, and provides ongoing support when needed.

Emergency Support

Skilled counselors provide emergency services at Counseling Centers and other locations in times of emotional crisis. Trained volunteers are available at COPE, a 24-hour-a-day confidential crisis telephone service, 1-800-542-2673.


We serve the residents of Essex, Gloucester, King & Queen, King William, Lancaster, Mathews, Middlesex, Northumberland, Richmond, and Westmoreland Counties.