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COPE Crisis Hotline: 1-800-542-2673

School-Based Prevention

Our school-based prevention programs teach a wide range of social skills that promote positive youth development and occur in classroom settings with large groups of students. We also serve students in private and home-based schools. Upon request, we also offer after-school programs. You can obtain more information by calling MPNNCSB Prevention Services at 804.758.9398.

Peer Mediation
Peer Mediation in middle and high school settings located within our ten-county area is very effective in helping students learn to more constructively resolve their conflicts. Prevention Services staff train youth to become peer mediators in two-day sessions sponsored by middle schools.

Life Skills
Life Skills training helps students develop a positive self-image by assisting them in managing stress, expressing their emotions positively, thinking clearly, and making informed decisions. Statistics show that the program helps to prevent the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

Second Step
Geared for students in preschool through ninth grade, the Second Step program teaches children how to manage emotions, resist impulsive behavior, solve problems, and understand the consequences of their actions.

Project Northland
This program is designed to delay the age at which young people begin drinking and to reduce alcohol use among young people who have already started drinking. Preventing the early use of alcohol also reduces the likelihood that teens will use illegal drugs such as marijuana.

Project TNT
Project TNT (Towards No Tobacco Use), a classroom-based curriculum, aims to prevent or reduce tobacco use by students ages 10-15. Delivered in ten core and two booster lessons, this program helps young people resist tobacco use, identify how advertisers and the media influence the use of tobacco products, and identify methods for building self-esteem.

Smoke Free - That's Me!
The objective of this program is to prevent fourth and fifth graders from starting to use tobacco by educating them about their lungs, social pressures to use tobacco, and how to say "no" to tobacco.

N-O-T is a ten-week, total health approach to adolescent tobacco cessation. The goal of this program is to improve the lung health of all Virginia youngsters by empowering adolescents to quit or reduce cigarette use.

All Stars
This school- or community-based program aims to prevent or delay the onset of high-risk behaviors in middle school students, ages 11-14. The All Stars program fosters the development of positive personal characteristics and covers information about youth substance use, violence, and premature sexual activity.

Child Assault Prevention Program
This program seeks to end the sexual victimization of young people through the education of elementary school children, as well as adults, in their communities. This 75-minute workshop focuses on children's problem-solving abilities to help them identify and defuse potentially dangerous situations.